The Strong Hold Story

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In some ways, you know us. Strong Hold has been making the original, heavy-duty 12-gauge cabinet since we started over 25 years ago to survive rough and tough environments. Now we make even more workspace and storage solutions that outlast the environment in which the product is used. The storage and workspaces you use defines who you are at work and we’ve been redefining it with you all along. When you use Strong Hold products, you create a culture of hard work, organization, lean productivity, and American Pride. And this is exactly what companies like General Electric and Ford saw so many years ago.

History of Strong Hold

A Star Was Born

In 1955, an entrepreneur with a passion for making things broke out on his own. Anthony W. Diebold founded a job shop called Fabricated Metals Corp, making anything and everything for other local manufacturers. It wasn’t until 1993 that Mr. Diebold’s sons, Tom and Frank, realized they had something special. A buyer from General Electric visited the company and discovered a crude, heavy steel cabinet we were using to store tools. The buyer had an immediate application at GE’s Appliance Park to replace a troublesome cabinet.

We called the cabinet Strong Hold, because, well, that’s what it was. The basic construction of the cabinet – a piece of steel folded and welded together – at its simplest form, remains to this day. Twenty-five years later, the name Strong Hold is still synonymous with rough and tough durability for America’s largest manufacturers.

The American Way

Louisville, KY has always been known for its receptive climate for refugees and is considered a destination of choice for people fleeing conflicts in East Asia. The company found itself with neighbors seeking a better life from all over the world. Many of these refugees shared our core values and found a home with us. In addition to English, we speak over 24 languages in our facilities. We pride ourselves on our team of dedicated craftspeople from all over the world!

Today, the company is in the 3rd generation of Diebold family stewardship and continues to operate with the same purpose and values so important to our founder. We look forward to working with you to build products and relationships that last a lifetime.