Standard Door

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Standard Door

Standard Door with 3-point locking mechanism with a padlock hasp.

  • Strong Hold's Standard Door
  • Hand Shimmed
  • Hinges Are Welded to the Body
  • 3-Point Locking Mechanism
  • Padlock Hasp
  • 12 GA steel construction
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Product Description

Strong Hold's Standard Doors are the strongest in the industry. Constructed of the same 12 GA steel we utilize for our cabinets, tool carts and tables, AND hand shimmed and hinges are welded to the body, Strong Hold Standard Doors are known to wobble way less than our lighter gauge competitors and are gauranteed not to sag. Another characteristic that make our Standard Doors more than "Standard" is that the door lives with the cabinet or tool cart throughout our production process. This means you get a true fit and even spacing on your doors as ALL doors are hand shimmed and welded to the cabinet, not only making them extremely strong, but also ensuring a true fit with NO sag. All Standard Doors come with a 3-point locking mechanism with a padlock hasp.

Solid wood has characteristics which are beyond the control of the manufacturer. Wood is a natural material, sensitive to environmental extremes and surrounding conditions. It is recommended that a consistent humidity of 35% to 45% is maintained to insure continued stability and reduces the risk of warping or cracking.


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