Tools Help You Do Your Job - Protect Them with a Tool Cart from Strong Hold

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Tools Help You Do Your Job - Protect Them with a Tool Cart from Strong Hold

You earn a living with your tools. As a mechanic working in a local repair shop or an industrial repair technician working in a large facility, you depend on your tools every day to help you do your job to the best of your ability.

Whether your tools are high-end power tools or sturdy hand tools, you take pride in them. It is essential that you have a safe place to secure these valuable assets. When you reach for a wrench, you want to know exactly where to find it each and every time.

At Strong Hold, we understand the passion that craftsman bring to their work. Our team embodies that same passion in creating quality tool carts and storage products for our customers.

Our tool carts are hand crafted with industrial strength 12-gauge steel. The shell of each tool cart is laser cut and manufactured as a single piece to increase strength and durability. We also use durable components including hinges, casters, drawer assemblies, handles, and locks that will stand the test of time in a rugged environment.

Tool carts need to be mobile. Regardless of the location of job in your facility, you need to have your tools close by. Our tool carts are engineered from the ground up to maximize mobility with industrial strength caster and wheel assemblies.

We understand that your work environment is unique and off the shelf options won’t work in every situation. As a result, we provide our customers with the opportunity to customize their tool carts and accessorize them. Customizations range from different color options to engineering a unique solution to meet your exact needs.

Something as simple as a tool cart can easily be dismissed as a commodity with little thought given to purchasing a quality asset for yourself or your team. Don’t make this mistake. Invest in a quality storage component that will stand the test of time and keep your valuable tools safe and secure. Click here to learn more about our long-lasting, heavy-duty tool carts and get a quote for one of your own.

Author: Aaron Martin

Position: Sales

Company: Strong Hold Products

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