Video Case Study: General Motors Plant - Cabinet Refurbishment

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What manufacturer do you know that takes its products back 25+ years later and refurbishes them for their customers? Strong Hold does. Watch this incredible video.

Project: GM, Louisville, KY

Strong Hold saved me thousands of dollars by refurbishing our original Strong Hold cabinets. They were already structurally sound. Just needed a face lift. And not to mention, they did a lot better job than what my guys would have done with a paint brush.

Maintenance Manager - General Motors


Even the strongest of us become old and weathered with age. Your Strong Hold may show exterior signs of solid, reliable use, but it will never lose its strength. And this was the case for dozens of Strong Hold cabinets at one General Motors production facility. Originally purchased over 25 years ago by General Motors, and after years of rough and tough usage, keeping tools and production parts stored safely and securely, they simply needed a “freshening up”.


Their Strong Hold cabinets were custom engineered with unique-to-General Motors configurations, so merely replacing them was a less than an optimal option. The goal was to prioritize cost efficiency while still meeting the need for an aesthetically pleasing storage solution with the original strength and utility of a Strong Hold cabinet.

After the oxidization, scale, and dirt were cleaned and sanded, the entire cabinet was buffed. Decrepit labels were removed, glass was cleaned, seals replaced and then finally, they were coated with a fresh General Motors blue.

Strong Hold provided a service to General Motors that greatly reduced their cost while delivering basically new cabinets. Now these Strong Hold cabinets are back to work and returned to their former glory. At Strong Hold, we build products and relationships that last a lifetime, and nowhere is this on display better than at GM’s warehouse with the refurbished cabinets.

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