Strong Hold at Airports

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Strong Hold at Airports

Dealer: Storage Equipment Co., Inc. – Dallas, TX

Project: American Airlines Terminal, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport


Strong Hold can literally be found anywhere. From tarmacs to manufacturing to office space there are millions of applications for our industrial storage products. Just recently several of our sales team members were traveling through Dallas, DFW and stumbled upon a cabinet in the jet bridge. As you can imagine we get excited when we see our products in use. A phone call later and here is the scoop....


It's no secret airports must be securely maintained in today's day and age. Consistent security breaches and unrest in the world keeps all airlines on high alert.

Keeping items secure on jet ways was starting to become a huge issue for American Airlines at DFW. American Airlines needed a way to securely store flight attendant supplies, ramp personnel supplies, etc, in all jet bridges in their terminals. Keep in mind a jet bridge sees thousands of passengers daily, it’s a concourse of “passer-byes”. Not only was security a concern but also a safety precaution; the inherit safety of passengers, safety of personnel and flight crews is held in high-regard with American Airlines.

Keeping items organized, safe, secure, and up off of the floor and out of the way was a huge priority.

So, American turned to Storage Equipment Co. Inc in Dallas to tackle their secure storage needs. Tim McSorely with Storage Equipment met with American Airlines representatives regarding the problem and had an immediate solution in his back pocket. A Strong Hold Product catalog.

Strong Hold at Airports


Then another issue arose… The confined space where this cabinet needed to live. There isn’t a lot of room on a jet-bridge. Typical jet-bridges range from 6ft wide to 8 ft. wide. A standard cabinet is 36” deep, then you have the doors which when open add another 12” – 24” inches depending on the size of the cabinet, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for passengers on the jet bridge.

Strong Hold and Storage Equipment came up with the perfect solution. A roll-up door cabinet. Versatile for space saving applications, roll-up door cabinets do not have swinging doors but remain just as secure and operable as a standard heavy-duty industrial cabinet. They provide space-saving means for securing.

American Airlines now has over 50 roll up door cabinets in their jet bridges in Dallas. So, the next time you are on that connection in DFW don’t forget to say hello half-way down the hall.

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