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Strong Hold Industrial Cabinets

There's a big difference between household cabinets and industrial ones. While household cabinets are designed to store the likes of dishes and china, Industrial cabinets are purpose-built for strength and durability, and for organizing and storing a variety of items.

Strong Hold's line of industrial cabinets is no exception to the industrial product norm, regardless of the field you're in or the application you want to store. Here's a closer look at Strong Hold's industrial cabinets, including the uses, applicable industries and benefits of choosing Strong Hold for your storage cabinet needs.

Uses and Applications of Strong Hold Industrial Cabinets

Strong Hold offers industrial cabinets for a variety of purposes. Our standard industrial cabinets are all welded and considered to be extra heavy-duty in construction, made from a durable 12-gauge steel. They are ideal for storing a variety of products, ranging from standard industrial supplies and equipment to files and specialty hardware. Industrial cabinets are ideal on machine shop floors, in automotive plants, packaging facilities, tool and die fabrication shops and more.

Here's a look at the other types of cabinets Strong Hold offers:

  • Bin cabinets, for things like storing tools and organizing shop floors.
  • Clear view cabinets, which are ideal for storage and display in that they allow workers to see into the cabinet while doors remain shut and secure.
  • Computer cabinets, for the shop floor workers and equipment that requires the assistance of a computer to carry out their tasks.
  • Flammable safety storage cabinets, which are ideal for housing combustible products in the office or on the factory floor.
  • Janitorial cabinets, which are purpose-built for janitorial and sanitation professionals to more easily store equipment and chemicals.

Benefits of Strong Hold Industrial Cabinets

Industrial cabinets offer a variety of benefits, such as space savings on the shop floor, better organization of tools and equipment, faster retrieval time of tools and equipment (which can also help improve worker productivity and efficiency for operational excellence) and a better ability to protect tools and hardware from dust, debris and other contaminants that are present in industrial environments. Strong Hold, however, ups the ante on its cabinets, as they're all welded and made to be extra heavy duty. In fact, Strong Hold's cabinets are the strongest and we believe are the most quality-made in the industry.

What's more is that Strong Hold offers customization on every product that we build, and this includes our entire line of industrial cabinets. We also offer additional options on all of our industrial cabinets. Some of these include double shift doors and individually locking components to name a few. Furthermore, all of Strong Hold's equipment ships fully assembled and quickly, so you your company won't experience any downtime for assembly.

The benefits of industrial cabinets are obvious - but not all cabinets are created equal. For more information on how your business can benefit from Strong Hold's industrial cabinets, contact us today for more information.

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