Ford Motor Co. - Livonia, MI.

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Dealer: Shelving + Rack Systems - Walled Lake, MI
Project: Ford Motor Company - Livonia, MI

We Sure Do Like A Challenge

Ford Motor Company required some heavy duty tables, well not just any heavy duty tables but EXTREME heavy duty tables. Because they already had Strong Hold throughout their facility and were fully aware that Strong Hold produces the most durable shop equipment in the country, they gave us a call and put us up to the challenge. Giuseppe Screnci, an engineer with Ford, worked with the Strong Hold local distributor Zoltan Kovach with Shelving + Rack Systems. Giuseppe described the type of work table he needed for his pipe fitters, tool makers and electricians to make their repairs on.

Strong Holds Production Team Put All Their Cards On The Table

Ford Motor Co., Shelving + Rack Systems and Strong Hold came up with a 48"W x 96"L table. The table top is 1" thick polished steel. Six legs made of 4" x 4" x 1/4" steel tubing add to the support system of this EXTREME heavy duty table. In addition, a 48" x 96" x 1/2" steel plate is welded between the steel tubing legs for additional support approximately 6" from the floor. Ford had no problems anchoring industrial bench vises to these tables for the repair work that would occur upon them.

And That's Not All

Throughout the production facility at Ford in Livonia you can find Strong Hold. Our standard cabinets are used by the Maintenance Dept. for storage of maintenance tools and miscellaneous hardware. We also have supplied wardrobe cabinets for storage of personal items and other various equipment needs.

It's Really Quite Simple

When Mr. Screnci from Ford was asked why did you turn to Strong Hold for this requirement he replied, "Strong Hold has a large variety of quality cabinets and tables that work perfect for our company and the people that use them."

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