CSX Railroad Installations - Florida & Tennessee

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Dealer: Hagemeyer North America - Jacksonville, FL
Project: CSX Railroad Installations - Lakeland, FL, Erwin, TN & Jacksonville, FL

Time Lost Shuffling Tools Back And Forth

CSX railroad equipment maintenance crews are required to do most of their job outdoors. It's critical that the tools they require for their jobs are close by so they can perform job duties efficiently. Typically job boxes and tool cabinets have to be transferred from inside to outside and back inside again at the end of each shift. It's not only time consuming moving tool boxes around and back and forth, but there's always situations when tools are left either inside or outside and they are not where you need them to do the job. Over time this had become a huge problem for CSX and it had been costing them critical man hours in lost production.

Outdoor Tool Storage Cabinets

CSX presented Hagemeyer North America with their challenge knowing Hagemeyer has been helping CSX and many other companies across the Southeastern United States with their industrial storage needs. Hagemeyer immediately contacted Strong Hold (SHP), being a top dealer for Strong Hold and knowing they make the absolute strongest and most durable industrial cabinets and workspace solutions period. The solution was easy.

Not only did the industrial cabinets need to be tough, rugged and able to withstand the everyday use of an industrial setting but they also needed to be weather resistant. Not a problem. Strong Hold customizes everything they sell. The process was simple, CSX working with Hagemeyer selected the type of cabinet they preferred...selected a color that would stand out so they remained visible and the type of use was identified for outdoor. Strong Hold took care of the rest.

In order to make an industrial cabinet ready for outdoor use SHP applies a durable powder coat finish to the cabinet to withstand most weather conditions. A slope top was designed on the cabinets to allow the rain water to run off and not collect, degrading the cabinet over time, and finally a heavy rubber gasket is installed around the doors for added protection to keep water, dust and snow out.

Once CSX learned that most any of the several hundred products found in the Strong Hold catalog could be designed to be used outdoors it was then just a matter of finding what cabinets met their needs.

Safety Yellow Cabinets Led the Charge

CSX decided on a number of different options and configurations for their industrial cabinets. Most notably, all cabinets would be painted in a high-visibility safety yellow, each would utilize clear view door panels instead of the typical solid steel door panels allowing visibility into the industrial cabinets. A combination of shelves and pull out drawers were also used to store tools, hardware and miscellaneous parts.

So Why Strong Hold?

JP Peeples of Hagemeyer said "Strong Hold is a solutions provider and that's what we need." Hagemeyer chose to work with Strong Hold for several reasons but the most important being that SHP only manufactures top quality products and provides solutions others simply can not.

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