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Conveyer & Caster-Equipment for Industry and Strong Hold

Matalco Inc. is a leading producer of high-quality homogenized 6XXX series aluminum logs and cut billets for the aluminum extrusion and forging manufacturing industries using world-class “remelt” technology. Aluminum is among the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet and Matalco Inc. is solidly behind "Green" initiatives. Matalco's high standards led them to working with Conveyer & Caster, a leading material handling company in Ohio and surrounding states for over 50 years. With their experience and knowledge of warehouse and manufacturing products, Conveyer & Caster turned to Strong Hold to help Matalco with a solution to their problem.

Computer Terminals on Shop Floors

In order to protect valuable equipment Matalco needed heavy duty computer cabinets on their shipping dock. With fork truck traffic in this busy manufacturing facility a cabinet must be designed to handle potential accidents while continuing to protect the equipment. Jim Stahl with Conveyer & Caster suggested heavy 12-gauge steel computer cabinets manufactured by Strong Hold. With its one-piece wrap around body design, this cabinet is engineered to stand up to the rigors of an active shipping dock. Each heavy duty computer cabinet was designed protect monitors, key boards, towers and printers. These cabinets also included built in ventilation fans to keep air moving thus reducing dust buildup and allowing the electronics to stay cool, integrated power strips for electrical, and lockable doors on both the top and bottom to secure the cabinets. All computers on shop floors serve important functions, Matalco needed these particular computers to print shipping labels directly at the dock to save time for the Production floor. This was one more step to help in improving the lean process Matalco was looking to achieve by purchasing Strong Hold.

Aren't There a Lot of Cabinet Manufacturers?

Jim Stahl acknowledges he has a choice as to who he represents when it comes to industrial storage solutions. When your customer is trusting you to provide a quality and sturdy computer cabinet, there's really only one choice, that's Strong Hold.

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