Clif Bar Baking Company - Indianapolis, IN

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Project: Clif Bar Baking Company - Indianapolis, IN


Clif Bar knows about being long lasting. Their organic energy bars are a staple among rugged outdoor types, and for good reason. When a biker, hiker, or climber is in need of energy, Clif Bars provide a boost in the form of a tasty, protein-packed bar. While many enthusiasts rely on Clif to stay on the path to adventure, the Clif Bar Baking Company in Indianapolis relies on workspace and storage solutions from Strong Hold to stay on the path to success.


Clif Bar Baking Company - Indianapolis, IN

The Clif Bar Baking Company was in the market for a storage solution, but not just any cabinet would do. The sanitation department needed a deep cabinet with storage that would fit large absorbent mats. There were already a few Strong Hold products in use at the facility providing the dependability that is synonymous with the brand, so safety specialists at Clif decided to go with what they knew wouldn’t let them down. Thanks to Strong Hold’s extensive catalog of storage and workspace solutions, the safety specialists found exactly what they were looking for in an Extra Deep Industrial Cabinet. This all-welded, extra heavy duty storage cabinet is manufactured from 12-gauge steel and is built to be a survivor in rough and rugged industrial environments. Adjustable 14-gauge shelves were more than enough to support and organize the bulky mats.


Not only did the mats fit the cabinet, but the durability of the cabinet fits into the culture of Clif’s commitment to reducing waste. They now have a lifelong solution that reduces the likelihood of damage normally sustained by lighter gauge material, which eventually needs to be replaced. To see more industrial cabinets and other storage solutions, visit the Strong Hold product page.

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