Cincinnati Zoo - Cincinnati, OH

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Cincinnato Zoo, Cincinnati, OH

Project: Cincinnati Zoo - Cincinnati, OH


When you think of heavy-duty industrial storage, you think of factories filled with blue collar workers, producing products made from steel, aluminum, and other raw materials. After all, rough and tough jobs require rough and tough storage. But not all heavy-duty jobs are found within the confines of industrial manufacturing. In fact, some of the greatest needs for strong, lean, and efficient storage can be found in places you’d least expect. Wherever there’s a need for safe, secure storage, Strong Hold can provide a unique solution.


So when we visited the Cincinnati Zoo, it was no surprise they had a need for a super strong storage solution. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is the second oldest zoo in the United States with over 1,800 animals on display. The campus encompasses 75 acres of land and sees over a million annual visitors.

Needless to say, the zookeepers and staff keep themselves very busy! And in so doing, they have a need for durable storage that gets the job done. Behind the scenes, zoos have lots of heavy transportation needs, and therefore, the storage needs to be durable in order to survive any accidents. Additionally, it needs to be secure, so sensitive materials don’t go missing.


We believe no one knows your needs better than you do. So we applied that principle to the Cincinnati Zoo and had them design their own cabinet with Strong Hold Plus line. That cabinet is currently being used in their culinary department, but with the features that come standard with our plus line, it can easily be adapted for use anywhere else! It’s serving them well and they love it! And with our 99 year lifetime warranty, they can rely on the cabinet for another century in their already century-long history. To design your own cabinet, visit today.

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