Red Wing, Inc. Fredonia, NY

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Dealer: Armand L. Panek Equipment Co. West Seneca, NY
Projects: Luvata, Inc. Buffalo, NY.
Aurubis, Inc. Buffalo, NY.
Moog Aircraft, E. Aurora, NY.
Red Wing, Inc. Fredonia, NY.

Armand L. Panek Equipment Co. - West Seneca, NY

For Industry: Strong Hold Work for All Industries

Four different companies in the Buffalo, NY. area are putting the 5S theory to work and Strong Hold is there to help. Working with our local distributor Armand L. Panek Equipment Co., we are providing both stock and custom cabinets for storing of tools, inventory items and maintenance parts.

For the End User: So Many Uses

Luvata and Aurubis use their cabinets for general storage of materials. Both companies also store tools in their cabinets and use Strong Hold’s heavy duty personal storage lockers. Unlike typical school lockers, Strong Hold personal lockers are heavy duty industrial grade and are made from 12 Ga steel, where most school lockers are lighter gauges which are not nearly as strong. You'll also never require any maintenance on cabinet hinges or locking devices.

Moog Aircraft has a number of cabinets in their stock rooms for storage of parts that typically need to remain locked up. Aircraft parts are not only very expensive but when a part is needed it's critical that an inventory item is available or it could delay the production process. Moog securely stores its inventory in Strong Hold cabinets for that very reason, to keep them secure and organized.

Red Wing, as seen in the photo, has many of our Double Shift cabinets. These cabinets have two doors on the front and a divider wall separating the cabinet in half creating two individual locking compartments. Inside the cabinets are four adjustable shelves with industry leading weight capacities, but they can also have drawers or be designed to fit specific requirements. This two door, double locker design, allows customization of either side for specific needs. Red Wing uses these cabinets for their janitorial supplies and also for storing maintenance parts.

From the Dealer: I Like Selling Strong Hold

When Louis Panek of Armand L. Panek Equipment Co. steps into a warehouse or manufacturing facility he's looking to see where he can sell Strong Hold. Or does the product sell itself? Louis has found that in the Buffalo, NY. area, his customers appreciate the high quality, durable nature of Strong Hold industrial cabinets. As Louis will tell you, once a company puts a couple Strong Hold industrial cabinets in their facility it’s just a matter of time before other requirements for more come along. To learn more about being a Strong Hold dealer or distributor click here.

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