Fortune 500 Fragrance MFG Company

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YA&M Industrial - Rahway, NJ

Dealer: A&M Industrial, Rahway, NJ
Projects: Fortune 500 Fragrance MFG Company

The Need: Re-worked Storage Area for Parts and Assembly

A Fortune 500 Fragrance manufacturing company based in NJ reached out to their local dealer, A&M Industrial, to replace an insufficient work station. The company was currently using an under-sized work surface and storing parts / gaskets in various locations. The need was simple, increase the work surface area while providing ample storage for parts. A&M Industrial jumped at the opportunity to recommend a top-grade solution like Strong Hold.

For the End User: Application, Application, Application

A well thought out storage application can improve efficiency, reduce inventory shortages and save space. All three can save money and reduce waste. This Fortune 500 Fragrance MFG Company was in a bit of a predicament. Working with Strong Hold, A&M Industrial designed a custom work / shop table that not only addressed the needs of replacing the failing work station, but also provided a work surface that was much larger and came with ample storage for parts and gaskets, thus “killing two birds with one stone.”

From the Dealer: Why I Recommend Strong Hold

“I have known that Strong Hold made custom items in the material handling world and I wanted to make sure I provided our customer nothing but the best. It is my reputation on the line and I knew that Strong Hold would come through on this opportunity.” – Chris Rodriguez, A&M Industrial

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