Why Strong Hold is a Hit in Automotive Manufacturing

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Why Strong Hold is a Hit in Automotive Manufacturing

Why Strong Hold is a Hit in Automotive Manufacturing

No Longer A Secret, Strong Hold Thrives in Major Manufacturing

IIt is no longer a secret that Strong Hold is found in all major manufacturing industries across the U.S. and the rest of the world. The quality, durability and craftsmanship of our products are recognized by the people that use them most, and it is a testament to why they continue to use Strong Hold over competing products.

From pharmaceuticals to paper, construction to aviation/space exploration, food and beverage to retail, Strong Hold manufactures a wide variety of products to serve the needs of heavy duty manufacturing’s storage challenges.

If It Aint’ Broke Don’t Fix It

Work environments are tough, equipment gets brutalized, expensive tooling needs to be protected and the last thing any Shop Foreman or Plant Manager wants to do is replace a failing storage unit. That process alone takes time out of a busy day and in some cases, impacts production.

What Has Four Wheels And…

Strong Hold is synonymous with Automotive. No, this isn’t your local Chevy dealer (well maybe because you can find Strong Hold there too) but more so to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers like Honda, Fiat-Chrylser, Hyundai-Kia, Nissan-Renault, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and BMW.

Automotive manufacturers know a thing or two about quality. Skimp on a line change? I think not. Year after year these companies re-invent themselves to keep up with demand, production requirements, safety guidelines and the latest technology and trends. This inadvertently means complete re-tooling when line changes or new models are released. That means significant investment in top of the line equipment like robotics, safety barriers, lasers, punches, AND storage.

Strong Hold Plays A Role

Tools and parts must be be kept in a location close by the assembly line. Therefore, the storage for these tools and parts also must be kept close by for accessibility. That’s where Strong Hold comes in. Our bin cabinets, tool carts, tool and die cabinets, service carts, industrial cabinets, workbenches, are all used for various functions and capacities of automotive manufacturing. The assembly line is substantial, however, one of the most important homes to our products is the maintenance area.

Maintenance is critical in supporting millions (if not billions) of dollars’ worth of capital equipment. Our products play an integral role in protecting the valuable tools and parts that are required to keep automotive facilities up and running. If a specialized wrench goes missing or a specific bolt isn’t in the proper location, chaos can ensue. Thankfully, Strong Hold is one piece of equipment they need not worry about. With Strong Hold storage, automotive manufacturers can rest easy knowing their tools are safe, secure, and always where they need to be. Safe and efficient storage leads to greater production output, less waste, and increased profits. Strong Hold is the primary choice for quality storage in creating the lean environment upon which the automotive industry relies.

Author: Ryan Fertig

Position: Brand Manager

Company: Strong Hold

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