Why Strong Hold Cabinets are the Strongest

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Why Strong Hold Cabinets are the Strongest

Why Strong Hold Cabinets are the Strongest

You don’t need an engineer to tell you that what we make is Strong. When we set out to do this over 50 years ago we had one mindset: Make it strong, make it last. That doesn’t seem that difficult, right? Well, in today’s cut-the-corners style of manufacturing Strong Hold still stands behind doing it right. We don’t cut corners, we bend them.

We see it all the time. Customer compromises on quality because of cost, only coming back to us a brief time later because that product failed. We build our products strong because they must survive in today’s rough and tough manufacturing environments. Taking the time to ensure our products are engineered to withstand their intended use while displaying flawless fit and function is important to us. Sure, this type of quality costs a little more but what you get in return will LAST a lot longer than you think.

Old World Product Design and Manufacturing in a New Age

Part of our solution to strength is starting with the right material, and in our case, that’s 12-gauge, hot roll steel sheets. Then, rather than cutting and spot welding the walls of our cabinets together we bend the bodies to form a single shell which minimizes the risk of weld failures and increases overall strength and durability. The material thickness of 12-gauge compared to a lighter 16-gauge steel is almost 2-fold. In fact, it’s 42.8% thicker. Don’t believe me? Here’s the math:

12-gauge steel = 0.1046 inches thick
16-gauge steel = 0.0598 inches thick
0.1046 – 0.0598 = 0.0448 inches thickness difference
12-gauge steel is 42.8% thicker than 16-gauge steel

That’s significant. That’s the difference in having your tools disappear from the jobsite. That’s the difference in having your cabinet self-implode.

Taking it a step further, Strong Hold then welds the tops, bottoms, 7-gauge steel legs and hinges onto the cabinets. No nuts and bolts here. Then everything is secured behind our 3-point locking system.

From 400 lb. capacity drawers, to 1,900 lb. capacity shelves, and up to 20,000 lb. capacity work tables, Strong Hold tanks that are ready for anything. And that’s the way we like it.

Not saying, just saying. Strong Hold manufactures the strongest industrial-grade cabinet on the planet. It’s built to last. So much so, we guarantee it with a 99-year warranty.

Strong Hold uses good old fashion ingenuity and craftsmanship in everything we do. Not only do we manufacture strong and durable cabinets, but also a wide array of shop tables, workbenches, tool carts, and personnel lockers, all of which are manufactured in the United States, right here in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky.

Brad Barckert, Director of Sales, Strong Hold Products

Author: Brad Barckert

Position: Director of Sales

Company: Strong Hold Products

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