The Importance of Shop Floor Organization

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The Importance of Shop Floor Organization

New Equipment: It's Going to Be a Game Changer!

We had just bought a new folding machine that would allow us to expand our current product offering and reduce our set up time, enabling us to more efficiently produce exactly what the customer needs, precisely when they need it. We knew we needed it and that it would take some time to get. Commence planning and further organization of the shop floor.

Prep for the Arrival

With the arrival date of the folding machine set for several weeks out we needed a plan. We used that time to get a team together and plan the product flow process as well as the layout we would implement with the new machine.

Goals: Streamlining the Movement of Parts

Our goal was to streamline the actual movement of parts and have a visual layout that would make it possible for everyone to know the current status of jobs with a simple glance. We started with our current layout, material, and information flow, and identified the opportunities for improvements.

Then we started laying out the flow of parts with our new folding machine implemented into the existing system and asked ourselves if the new plan eliminated or greatly reduced the gaps in our old system.

As we developed our plan we asked ourselves at each process stage, what storage systems would best address our issues? We wanted only what was needed, exactly where it was needed, without anything unnecessary, a key facet of lean manufacturing.

A Place for Everything in Its Place

At that point, we used our own Strong Hold to store the tools, material, and information at the necessary points of use. We had identified a variety of different Strong Hold industrial strength storage solutions for each stage. In all we identified heavy duty tables to serve as welding tables, computer cabinets to keep machine computer components clean and secure, we mobilized carts designed especially for holding machine tooling, personal cabinets configured for machine operators’ personal belongings, and specially designed welding carts that hold the welding machines and booms for mobility in welding stations.

With Strong Hold, we were able to have all of the materials, tools and information—clean, secure, and right where we needed them.

Author: Dannis Hughbanks

Position: Vice President of Manufacturing

Company: Strong Hold Products

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