Remaining Nimble in Technology Adoption

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Remaining Nimble in Technology Adoption

Nimble as a minx? Nimble as a fox? Nimble as a heavy duty industrial cabinet and storage manufacturer? Probably not a phrase you are familiar with. But we have to be! New technologies are being developed and tested every day. Strong Hold has been around for 60 years and we plan on being around for another 160! The only way to do that is be out front of the pack. Lead the change. Try new tools. Read technical articles and journals. Attend trade shows. Visit other plants. Join discussion panels. All these things are what set us apart from your average industrial storage supplier.

How is Strong Hold investing in technology?

By purchasing a 6,000 KW Fiber laser. This thing is the Cadillac of lasers. Or as we like to say, the Strong Hold of lasers! This baby is capable of cutting through materials up to 1” thick at a rate of 1,000 inches/minute. Basically, like a hot knife through butter on Grandma’s kitchen table. The laser comes with 2 material towers that can load and unload sheet without human interaction. That’s right. This laser can run a shift “lights out”. You can set it and forget it!

You have to risk it to get the biscuit

Maybe other companies are satisfied in staying with the pack. They are slow to react. They aren’t risk takers; they want to wait for technology to be tested and proven before they try it. Not Strong Hold. We believe that the view is always the same in the back of the pack! Come to the SHP shop floor. We would be happy to show you the latest and greatest in laser technology. Excuse the cheesy easy pun, but we are on the cutting edge of laser cutting technology.

Author: Marcus Whitehead

Position: Plant Manager

Company: Fabricated Metals, LLC

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