Make America STRONG Again

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Make America STRONG Again

“Make America Great Again” - this is a phrase that Americans have heard a countless number of times in the past year. It was championed by the now President of the United States and no matter what side of the coin you were on it was imbedded in our minds. Why was this slogan so effective? It was effective because it is something Americans should believe in no matter who is championing it. We should want to support each other, our communities, and our country. Let’s hope President Trump will do what business man Trump didn’t do.

Why buy American Made Products?

American manufacturing brings money and jobs to local communities. Right here in Strong Hold’s back yard, Ford created 2,000 new jobs in Louisville, KY within the past year. When you support American Made products you are helping to support the lives of other fellow Americans and their communities. If you don’t think job creation is as cool as the other side of the pillow maybe knowing that American Made products have a lower carbon footprint, contribute to less pollution, and protect human rights does. That’s good, right?

What Can Strong Hold do?

Strong Hold provides storage and workspace solutions that are American Made. We treat our employees fair, pay good wages provide opportunity for growth and even give everyone Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets – yeah we just dated ourselves with the old school, family environment synonymous with the 1950’s. Over the half century, our products have earned the reputation of being the best in the industry, which can only be contributed our employees. When you work with Strong Hold, you’re getting an American Made, heavy-duty, quality solution that will still be around long after you retire. So, the next time you’re in a pinch to clean up that sloppy space, check the origin, commit to Made in America, and support your country.

Author: Jill Zangari

Position: Sales Development Coordinator

Company: Strong Hold Products

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