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OK FINE! The word is out! We are not your everyday boring storage solution.

In fact, we are much more than just your typical industrial storage solution. We are STRONG HOLD.

Let me tell you a bit about us. Strong Hold is known as the leading brand in industrial storage solutions: cabinets, shop tables, tool carts, workbenches, lockers, computer cabinets; you name it, we build it. We offer all of our products in stainless steel anything we make can be customized to meet your needs- all proudly made in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

The Benchmark for Heavy Duty

We are the ORIGINAL heavy duty cabinet in storage. We are perfect for industrial, commercial and manufacturing environments.

ORIGINAL… Meaning, we were heavy duty before the phrase started being, quite frankly - abused. Think about it. Everywhere you look, you see “heavy duty” tagged on every storage product out there without an explanation of why it is marked that way. Often, these products are light gauge metal, if they even bother to list the gauge.

Let me explain. Some of you may not know the difference in gauge of metals. It would be understandable to think the higher the number, the thicker the gauge. It is actually just the opposite! So, 12 gauge is much more durable than, say 20 gauge. Our cabinets are constructed of all-welded 12 gauge steel, meaning it hardly shows any effects of even being hit with a forklift. Others are made of 20 gauge steel and would dent if someone kicked them in high heels. That kind of so-called “heavy duty” is fine for an office, but not for your maintenance shop.

Made for an industrial work space

Of course, not everyone needs the real, ORIGINAL heavy duty solutions like ours, and that is fine. But for those industrial environments that need, or CRAVE, the quality-made, durable, work-as-hard-as-you-do, storage to protect your valuables...Well, that, my friends, is why you need Strong Hold.

These are built to last! They withstand everything from the every day wear and tear of throwing your tools in the drawer to the harshest slamming of doors. We often hear feedback from customers that these are “built like a tank, battleship or bank safe.” That doesn’t even cover the cosmetics of the units. They have been called “the Cadillac of cabinets.” Just the hinges, handle and legs alone…well, they have given people goose bumps before. You know who you are!

Get Yourself a Strong Hold

In life, careers, and even in manufacturing, there are leaders and there are followers. In our case, we are leaders. There is a reason we are often imitated but never duplicated.

So, if you find that your current storage just isn’t cutting it, please give us a call. We would love to help you with your INDUSTRIAL STORAGE SOLUTIONS. Your tools need a permanent home and want to feel loved and secure in our beefy unit.

Author: Sonya Strotman

Position: Regional Sales Manager

Company: Strong Hold Products

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