Engineering the Perfect Product

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Engineering the Perfect Product

Why would ENGINEERING matter to me?

I am going to discuss my perspective on how we at Strong Hold go about Engineering the Perfect Product. No matter your business, don’t let that stop you from reading further or keep you from thinking, “engineering doesn’t matter to me”. Why? Well, that wouldn’t be true if you are in search of high quality, top grade products. If you are still with me, the following, would or SHOULD be considered with any manufacturing facility trying to produce a Quality, Durable and Functional Product.


First, at Strong Hold that would consist of our LISTENING to our customers concerns, needs and challenges and coming up with solutions that solve their storage issues. What sets us apart from others is that we HEAR their desire for “not just settling on something standard that they can purchase with a click online”, (quoted from a loyal customer).

Together, the Strong Hold sales rep and the Customer discuss the specifics of what will be the ultimate storage solution for them that addresses their challenges front and center. Second, we would then work with our Drafting Department to discuss the ins and outs of the project, as well as gaining their professional insight from years of tackling complex challenges for our customers.

This department knows and understands the qualifications too. For example, make the unit secure, insure the capacities of a shelf, shop table or lifting lugs. Add casters, install a sink or air conditioner in a stainless cabinet, use a steel plate top on a table or build it to hold up to 20,000 pounds. Adjusting the design so a unit can be made for outdoor use or to include what welds are needed and where to make that extra-large, 8’ wide x 5’ deep x 14’ high cabinet. (That is a big cabinet by the way). Those are just a few things that are required to be able to design here.

EXPERT Help When You Need it

Our Engineers are not only employees, they are EXPERTS at what they do. They dive into the drawing/rendering portion of this process with the utmost attention to all of the details. We have the customer review and approve the final drawing so they know they are getting exactly what they asked for. Typically, at this stage both parties are in agreement and we can then begin the build out of the requested product.

Sure, it would be easy to sell any run-of-the-mill product just to get that sale. BUT with Strong Hold and our made-to-order products, we look past - just making a sale. We truly want to know - what would make their work life easier? Does this really solve the problems you are looking to address? It comes down to the knowledge and experience of being able to LISTEN and THEN CREATE the customer’s perfect storage solution.

You may think storage is just “a box.” With Strong Hold and the Engineering that goes into the products, It is a Quality, Durable, Functional Solution that makes a lot of people able to do their jobs more efficiently. Over Engineered? It wouldn’t be a Strong Hold otherwise. -Sonya Strotman

Author: Sonya Strotman

Position: Regional Sales Manager

Company: Strong Hold Products

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