Building a Kaizen Culture

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Building a Kaizen Culture

Building a Kaizen Culture Where All Employees Engage in Continuous Improvement

Some folks think Kaizen = an individual small change. But it is so much more than that! It’s a mindset. An attitude. An approach to work that focuses on changes for the better!

Kaizen is a Japanese term for "continuous improvement". Many of these improvements are small in nature; they’re tiny victories, not necessarily knock-out homeruns. However, many small changes for the better lead to a groundswell of momentum that helps move the needle. Give a dripping faucet enough time and it can flood an entire floor.

You need everyone’s ideas and input, from the CEO all the way down to the shop floor equipment operator. A dynamic 5S process is the foundation of any successful kaizen culture. Strong Hold industrial cabinets, shop desks, and storage solutions can help jump start your company’s lean journey.

Our home grown, American Made, custom industrial designs will help highlight your shadow boards, organize your dies, keep tools ready and available, and separate all your different nuts, bolts, and washers—each individually identified and labeled with our modular bin stacking system.

Maybe you want to visually control your MRO supplies? Our double door cabinet with clear Lexan windows allow you the management-by-eye advantage on your Kanban cards, red/green status, or inventory levels without ever unlocking or opening the door.

Let Strong Hold turn your small ideas into big changes in your lean manufacturing culture.

Author: Anthony Diebold

Position: President

Company: Strong Hold Products

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