Benefits of an Organized Maintenance Department

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Benefits of an Organized Maintenance Department

Maintenance Mentality

To fix or not to fix? That is NEVER the question. With an endless supply of leaky pipes, broken machines, and faulty equipment, every company needs a hero. “Maintenance Crew to the rescue!!” The maintenance department is a key player in a business’ success, directly affecting its livelihood. A maintenance person to a broken machine is like a surgeon to a sick patient. The surgeon must have his scalpel and forceps, just as the maintenance person needs his tools. The surgeon is always set-up for success, with clean utensils laid out all nice and neat. I bet you can’t say that about your current maintenance technician’s tool box.

99 Problems but My Workspace Isn’t 1

The maintenance technician is truly a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. One minute they might be changing a light bulb in the break room, the next they could be working on a million-dollar machine; their tools are the stars of the show. Imagine how quick and easy transitioning between tasks would be if their tools were organized and labeled properly. Not only is it common sense, but it’s also a great practice to master in implementing 5S and/or Lean Manufacturing.

With Strong Hold’s custom capabilities, you can truly have the workbench of your dreams, one that meets form and function. We can take a customer’s tool inventory list and work our magic to design a unit that neatly organizes each piece, giving everything a home. Since everything we manufacture is delivered fully assembled, they can dive right into having lean fun.

Clearly Cost Saving

It won’t take long to see, feel, and reap the benefits of staying organized. “Sorting” and “setting in place” are the first steps to eliminating physical waste and gets you on track to “shine” up your space. “Standardizing” and “sustaining” are the true victors in measuring tangible savings. While there is little to no effort in maintaining an organized workspace environment, the time you saved in which you would have spent looking for that special wrench could have added up.

Digging through different industrial cabinets and toolboxes in search of that missing tool is a thing of the past. Less time searching for tools means more time working on open issues and standard work. The domino effect continues: the next thing you know, your maintenance person is twice as productive as he/she was before their Strong Hold workbench arrived. Not only have they saved the company money, but they have also preserved some sanity which is just as valuable.

Author: Ashleigh Hesler

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