5S & Lean Manufacturing

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5S and Lean Manufacturing

Long before 5S and Lean Manufacturing were popular trends, Strong Hold has been making heavy duty industrial storage and workspace organization solutions for industry. Our products are used nationwide to clean up shop floors, straighten and organize facilities, sort and batch parts, standardize and simplify work areas, increase workplace safety, sustain and improve efficiency, and to stabilize and minimize costs.

5S & Lean Manufacturing Solutions

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5S & Lean Manufacturing Solutions

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When we launched our business we set out to make the strongest industrial storage and workspace solutions and we accomplished that by listening and tailoring our products to meet the needs of our customer. But what we found during that process was a common theme for the need for order, cleanliness, function, durability, and value.

It's simple, our storage cabinets, lockers, shop desks, and related products are not only designed to be the toughest, strongest, most secure in the marketplace, they are also designed to help your organization conform to today's 5S and lean manufacturing principles.

Our determination to make the perfect product to meet your needs doesn't stop there. We are consistently driving innovation and process improvements of our own facilities to meet the ever changing needs of the most important people we know, our customers.

Strong Hold is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction, that's why we have implemented and maintain a highly efficient and effective quality management system. By conforming our own internal processes to the 5S and Lean Manufacturing principles we founded our business on, we continue to produce and design innovative solutions for industry keeping costs and delivery metrics in check.